Full filmography belonging to Edward Fleming. Includes all film and video credits bar some embarrassing projects.

Every Once in a While (2017 DOCUMENTARY)
Soundtrack / Sound Design / Cinematography

This short art film was created with fellow polytype members Bruce and Alex using an extract from Let’s Bring Back Sophie and an original Pink Graffiti demo. This film was shot on a Samsung Hi8 camcorder around central and south east London.

I Love Skateboarding (2016 DOCUMENTARY)
Cinematography / Soundtrack

I Love Skateboarding is a short portrait documentary on the daily life of a professional skateboarder, created with a Sony FS700 and a fisheye lens in 2016 by Edward and Bruce, also on polytype.

Let’s Bring Back Sophie (2016 FEATURE FILM / WEB SERIES)
Production / Direction / Writing / Editing

Let’s Bring Back Sophie is a six part debut feature about a group of teenagers whose lives are changed after the disappearance of a girl in a dysfunctional teenage Nottingham. The series won Edward an award for best director at the CSFF awards in 2016 and was shortlisted for best editing and best screenplay.

The Camino (2015 DOCUMENTARY)
Production / Direction / Writing / Editing

The Camino is a debut documentary produced in 2015 for Confetti in association with Pilgrim House. In 2015 it gained recognition from BBC Radio Nottingham and various Camino organisations from the UK and Santiago.