Morris Findley is a political activist, actor, and poet based in Brighton.
He stood in the 2017 general election for The Green Party, and currently studies Philosophy, Politics and Art at University.



And so I write, and my troubles fade,
It gives me light, or it gives me shade

-‘Poetry’ – Morris Findley

Video by Adam Martin of Mo’s ‘Poetry’

Mo The Prophet

Political, opinionated, spoken word. You’ve been warned.

Video by Polytype’s own Edward Fleming; of Mo’s ‘Shit To Me’. 2018.

MoPro – Vlogs

From 2014, Mo has made occasional video logs of his life. Here are some highlights.

Mo moving to Brighton in 2017.
Mo just chilling and creating with friends from Polytype.
Mo coming out as gay to the internet, on his birthday, in 2017.

Hundreds of video logs from days past, on youtube.com/morrisfindley