Ivan is a musician/composer from the UK, who frequently finds himself making strange soundscapes on his computer in the dead of night. By day, he is a fairly experimental filmmaker with a passion for learning and evolving. He is part of a music group called Bun Ka and composes for films and art exhibitions under the alias ‘nvironment‘.


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Bun Ka

Sonar Eclipse is a fresh new EP created by Bun Ka, a collective of London-based musicians, produced by Ivan. Check it out!



GLOOP soundtrack was also composed and produced by nvironment.

Hericlitus – soundtrack & sound design by nvironment.

Para – soundtrack & sound design by nvironment.

A story that may or may not be true.



Music – https://soundcloud.com/bun_ka/


Films – https://vimeo.com/ivanfriedman/