Our collective of musicians are killing it all over the map. Since November, four tapes have been released and multiple videos are in the works. Here are a selection of tracks that break Nottingham and London’s music scenes into two, new stuff coming from all parties.


Morphine boys are polytype founder, producer and vocalist Pink Graffiti and rapper, wordsmith and artist SCARSSURVIVVED. Together they form what can only be described as a new form of space rap, combining trap influences with old school hip hop beats and samples from all over the world. “This shit gets cult followings” – Izzie Gibbs

Their debut self titled mixtape dropped on the 18th December 2017 and includes 16s exclusively from polytype. Features include Slacs Bianci (track above), Harrydirtface.

Bruce Mann is a producer, video maker and artist from London, residing in the collective house. His talent for producing and unique vocal sampling skills make Plaza, a mixture of lo fi hip hop and house. His Soundcloud is an endless scroll of beats to wake up to, go to work to and dance to.

Harrydirtface is a rapper and Pizza boy from Nottingham living in London. His debut feature project Thejoyride is truly an original sound that only himself and his SPACECITY colleagues can create, it’s from another planet. Harry produced this particular tune from the tape in the spaceship during the AM, chopping 70’s grooves, high on life (and possibly other stuff).

Slacs Bianci is currently one of Nottingham’s finest upcoming rappers and producers. When he isn’t blazing ammi at his crib dreaming of Amsterdam he is working on some of the most unique and fire trap and hip beats ever heard to later tear up on the mic with his friends at Dystopian District and other incredible features on his debut album Slumped.

This particular tune features Notts MC and producer Bakes and Slacs kills it as usual. Slumped 2 will be dropping in August, so keep your third eye peeled.

Pink Graffiti is one half of Morphine Boys and polytype’s founding member. Aside from running multiple projects he sometimes makes time to produce for himself and is currently creating a 5 track solo EP featuring homemade beats and smooth vocals that you can hear from his debut tape with SCARSSURVIVED.

This instrumental house banger titled JJB Sports is sampled from the Jamie xx Boiler Room at the Young Turks’ headquarters in London.

Let your body shut down and your mind rest as you space out to the dreamiest lo fi beats to come out of Nottingham. Channel Blue is a producer who has been jamming with us since the early days of polytype. The upcoming beat maker has dropped more tapes than the rest of us combined, he is a human beat machine.

Get your fire on and your kettle going and watch time go by with an endless discography of everything lo fi, check his Soundcloud.

Last but not least we have the lyrical genius from Morphine Boys, SCARSSURIVIVED (all caps no spaces). The Scunthorpe raised Irish MC always lets all loose on mic, using his lyrical talent to tell tales of his life story and hatred of the monarchy to match beats straight from hell. He’s worth a listen, so, have another one.

The cover for this article was edited by Edward Fleming with artwork from polytype designers Veronika Valtonen, Bruce Mann.