April went off @ The Maze, Nottingham. Full stop.

Slacs Bianci, Morphine Boys, Bakes & Odox all live, one venue, one night.
The slac rapper himself declared 19th April the day he would take on Notts with not only his killer tape Slumped, but also a shed load of unreleased bangers with crazy features. We saw appearances from MELLO DRMVTIC, Pink Graffiti, SCARSSURVIVED & PLAZA on last minute decks.


Too many rewinds, too much haze.

This gif was made by Edward, with photos from Tyler and our staple graphic from Veronika. Check out some of Tyler’s 35mm shots from the Slumped show below.






To see Slacs, Plaza, Pink & Scars live again, check our events page.

Roll down on the 20th of may to the debut polytype exhibition @ diy space for london to catch the wave.