Consciously Raging

My mind lies in chains,
It longs to be set free,
What is the power of brains,
In the clutch of society.
And so I take a leap,
Whenever I really can.
I take myself to sleep,
To protect who I am.

Depth of the slumber,
Field of the mind,
what I could have wondered,
Would be left behind,
As I tumble down the tunnel,
A trick from inside,
I spiral through the funnel,
Where I will reside.

The freedom of my dreams,
A play pen of imagination,
Whatever in the real world seems,
Is stretched beyond limitation.
What I truely think, feel and be
Becomes what as I act,
In my chainless pit of me,
I am free and that’s a fact.

But everyday I must return,
To the sharpening of my conscious,
Knowing not what I could learn,
From the freedom of subconscious.
And so I plunder round,
My mind locked in it’s cage,
Bottling up my frown,
Sealing in my true rage.

– Morris Findley